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You can trust Nyenhuis Collision Center to help with all of your collision repair or auto body repair needs. From the honest, initial estimate to getting you back into the driver’s seat, our certified collision center will get your car back on the road. We are an established and trusted auto body shop that works closely with your insurance company to provide you with fast and accurate accident repair. Our auto body shop in Grandville, Michigan is the most trusted and the best around!

Collision Assessment & Repair

From minor dings to the most devastating damage, we can assess the situation and bring your vehicle back to life again. We work with you and/or your insurance company, giving you quotes, repair plans, and recommendations to make your car, van, SUV or truck seem like new again.



Auto Alignment

Proper tire alignment prevents uneven tire wear and other problems. Accidents crashes and bumpy roads can throw off the alignment of any vehicle, causing it to pull to the left or right rather than running smoothly ahead. The results are uneven tire wear, reduced gas mileage, and extra wear and tear on your car, van, SUV or truck. Let us restore proper alignment, improve handling and make your vehicle run more efficiently.



Frame Straightening

We offer full-frame truck and auto body straightening with our state-of-the-art frame measure instruments. If something feels out of whack while you’re driving, stop in and let us take a look at it. We can assess the problem, give you an estimate and go from there.



Steering & Suspension Services

Your vehicle will run smoothly with our steering and suspension services. You’ll get a more comfortable ride for yourself and your passengers when everything’s in tip-top shape. If steering and suspension units aren’t working well, you can feel every pothole or bump in the road. Bring your vehicle in for a check-up if you feel any of the following symptoms:



  1. Faltering

  2. Bouncing

  3. Hard turning

  4. Lopsided tire rotation

  5. Wandering wheels



Our auto service professionals can inspect all major systems

in your car, including your steering and suspension.

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