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Post-Collision Painting

With our after-accident paint restoring work, you’ll forget that your vehicle was ever damaged. We match the color perfectly to every make and model, so you can drive away looking like nothing happened to your car, van, SUV or truck. Your vehicle may even look better than it did before the crash.


Dent, Scratch & Rust Repair

It’s annoying to see those dents, rust spots or scratches that make your auto look old and worn. You don’t have to run out and buy a new car or van, though, to keep your vehicle looking spiffy. We do touch-ups on surface mars that can take away the luster of your car.


Complete Body Re-Painting

Are you tired of your bright orange vehicle? Does your red exterior attract officers of the law? Or does your navy or black car get too hot in the summer? Whatever your reason, we can change your car’s color any time you’d like something new. Choose from a wide range of colors and costs.

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